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 Here are short tips on how you can promote your business/songs with caller tune and attract massive response to your productions.

 How can you profit form caller tunes.

Yes, a lot of people and i included have heard about caller tune before and never know what is all about, Personalized ring back service enables you to change the conventional “ring ring” sound heard when your friends, colleagues and family members call you with a tune of your choice.

Caller Tunes entertains your callers with a selected music or information each time your phone rings and makes money for the one who uploaded the song or services.

That sound great!! Right

Ok, Let me get you into more steps on how you can setup your caller tune and generate money out of it without knowing  how to hold microphone.

Are you away that all business can be played on caller tunes?  take a good look on how ordinary Nigeria with o'level cert- are generating money per day with caller tunes service. yeah let move......

Example, you own a supermarket along the street and doing very fine,  you compose a sound clip on the product you have and record it in your mobile device, next day you  make a budgets on how you can use that token to rise this advert. 

The Same day, after you have gone through this post and saves my contact (08102927978)  somewhere, you scroll down to the bottom of your phone contact, and give me a call or even ask me to call back. hahahaha. Good!!!

After I finished setting up your caller tunes, Chima and other 3000 people on the same network pick phones to call their loved once, and your son or service clip that you recorded  played on their cell phone  and the network provide say something like this (To Copy this Tunes Press 1) they all press 1 and listen to your sweet voice, and again saved your contact, ....... great.

What if none of them Press 1?

Don’t worry about that your money is counting in your Banks Account..

Wow Seriously.

Next day Chima and other 3000 people on the same network need your service and remember that your sweet sound, what is going to ring on their mind?, your Supermarket ....... Congrats!!!!!

So if your think this tips can make a change to your business, don’t hesitate to contact me, as i am going to setup caller Tune for you in 2-3 days. 

 We aggregate contents supplied by content owners, producers, artistes etc for use across mobile networks.

 If you are interested in provisioning your own caller tunes. Kindly note that the following will be required.

 ·         Certificate of Authorization to the song(s)

 ·         Letter of Authority to Distribute the song(s)

 ·         Approval Certificate of Copyright to songs issued by Nigerian Copyright Commission

 Presently, our CRBT service only supports MTNETISALAT and AIRTEL.

 Setup Fee: N50,000 and it is a One-off payment.

 Set Up Duration: 2 - 3weeks

 No monthly fee

 Caller Tune Tariff is N50

Pay Out: MTN (N7.00), ETISALAT (N10.00) AND AIRTEL (N6.00)

 You can make payment into our bank account;









After payment TEXT "Teller NoDepositor's NamePayment Date , Amount Paid to 08102927978


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